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Compass Culinary Cup 2018 – Compass Group Italia
    Compass Culinary Cup 2018
    Carlotta Maiocchi administrator
    November 27, 2018
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    Last weekend in Paris took place the Compass Culinary Cup, a high-level Cook-Off in three rounds based on several surprise ingredients.

    The French capital hosted the European version of this international contest promoted by Compass Group that had seen involved eight team from different countries fighting each other.

    We had team Benelux, team CEE, team D-A-CH, teams France 1 e 2, team Iberia, team Nordic and team Italia. The chosen chefs were not only representing their country but also their own organization: they deal with catering in all areas business&industry, educational&academics and sport&leisure

    Team Italy was built by Angelo Vigilante, senior Executive Chef from Milan, and Luca Longhitano, young Head Chef from Turin.

    The competition also allowed the contenders to share thoughts and experiences on the ingredients, the methods applied and the courses presented.

    Every chef had the honor and burden to communicate through their dishes, his own culinary tradition and philosophy interpreting the cuisine.

    All the chefs gave their best, regardless of the pressure and the struggle of not working in their own kitchen… and with surprise ingredients!

    The excellent organization of our French colleagues let Angelo and Luca work and prepare their courses in a professional kitchen at the exclusive location of the “École Jean Drouant – École hôtelière de Paris”, visit the beautiful town of Paris and spend the award night on a bateau-mouche running the Seine in a special tour of the French capital lighted up in a unique atmosphere.



    Our chefs tell about this experience.


    “A challenging contest, it was really intense. I come back home with the desire to never stop learning and always ask myself for more, as a chef. This kind of scenarios go beyond the competition in a traditional sense. First of all, it was a personal growth moment. Compass Group gave me the opportunity to test me and confront all the incredible experts from all over Europe.”

    Luca Longhitano

    “This contest was clearly one of the beautiful and many opportunities the life as a chef gave me. I believe that, when you have many years of experience, you have to never stop looking beyond your own knowledge.
    I come back home willing to transmit what truly means being a chef to all my colleagues and aspiring ones. I’ll never stop saying how important is to let the young come forward. You have to know how to learn and take the best from every kind of experience”

    Angelo Vigilante


    The winning team of the Compass Culinary Cup 2018 was team Benelux, that will host next year competition.

    And for the next year? All the teams are ready to look forward and will come back home with new hopes and expectations. Coming soon the Compass Culinary Cup 2019!

    Selection for the 2019 Italian team are officially opened.


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