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Stop Food Waste Day 2019 – Compass Group Italia
    Stop Food Waste Day 2019
    Carlotta Maiocchi administrator
    April 24, 2019


    Third international year of the fight against food waste. Second consecutive year in which Compass Group Italia successfully maintains and completes an objective linked to environmental sustainability.

    More and more citizens are showing ever greater involvement and understanding towards a cause that concerns man and humanity.

    Environmental sustainability is expressed through different forms, one of them is related to the production of food and dishes. Compass Group, as a world leader in the catering sector, has been trying for years to support this cause and today it does so thanks to the worldwide STOP FOOD WASTE DAY initiative (

    This year the initiative falls today, April 24th, a day in Italy near a great national holiday that is often celebrated in front of a barbecue or in general accompanied by conviviality and food. So today Compass Group Italy strives even more to be a positive example for all its guests.

    But what does Stop Food Waste Day provide? In Italy and in the world, Compass Group tries to make its employees and guests aware of a more conscious use of all the foods that end up on our plate every day.

    In Italy, Compass has involved different realities, belonging to various productive sectors, in which our chefs give their best every day to make a gesture at the base of the everyday life of every human being: preparing food.

    Linked to collective catering, the preparation of a dish becomes a question of numbers. How many guests will choose that dish? How many will prefer something else?

    Knowing how to use excess food so that it does not become a simple waste is not only a good purpose but also a fundamental problem.

    You may be wondering what our chefs did for Stop Food Waste Day. Some of them have created individual dishes, others a single dish or even an entire menu in full SFW spirit and besides preparing all their dishes they have also given us some valuable tips and suggestions to avoid food waste at home. And what remains at the end of the day?

    Thanks to the invaluable support of a team dedicated to the initiative, a small calculation tool was developed in the Compass Group Italia offices that at the end of the day will allow us to discover, inside Compass kitchens, how much of each ingredient has actually been recovered and used again in the preparation of the Menu, in addition to identifying another very important fact: CO2 emissions.

    Compared to last year Compass Group Italia thus adds a new important victory at the national level because through the processing of the data obtained it will be possible to make everyone more aware of how even with a small gesture a great result can be achieved.

    Are you curious to see how SFW Day took place? Browse the gallery and try our recipes at home too.

    “We cannot allow a third of all the food we produce to go to waste or be lost due to inadequate practices, when 870 million people go hungry every day”
    José Graziano da Silva, Director General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization


    Without people it wouldn’t be possible purpose. We thank all those who have collaborated in the realization of this day, our chefs, our teams, our suppliers and our numerous guests.

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