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Stop Food Waste Day – Compass Group Italia
    Stop Food Waste Day
    Carlotta Maiocchi administrator
    May 4, 2018
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    Celebrating the world day against food waste promoted by Compass Group PLC, also in Italy we want to help stop the widespread trend in food waste today. Our goal is to draw attention to the problem as well as to create and share creative and impactful solutions. A conscious consumer can decide to change his shopping, manage the refrigerator and pantry and … cook!

    In order to raise awareness not only users but also the operators of the service, we involved our chefs organizing a culinary contest in anti-waste issue, extending the participation in a chef standard established by the Human Resources team of Compass Group Italy. The final challenge at the stove between the three final chefs decreed the winner on the basis of the taste test.

    Download the interviews of Luca and Loredana in full version and … become a Waste Warrior too!

    Learn more - Luca interview                                                                     Learn more - Loredana interview





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